Ethical Business Partnerships

To prevent trafficking we partner with ethical businesses.

Business leaders and their teams are increasingly becoming aware of their social responsibility to not only solve problems for their clients but to begin addressing how they might solve some of the world’s problems, and we help them do this. Ethical business leaders are driven to help change the world, they want to be connected to something important and they want to be inspired. Business leaders can leverage the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired, to make a meaningful, effective and practical contribution to something that really matters. We’ve made it easy, and somehow rewarding, for business leaders to solve the problem of sex trafficking.

We help girls in rural villages achieve their rights to be free from slavery, and access education, safe drinking water, enough food and adequate shelter. $1.50 provides one day of safety and education for a child. Increasingly, business leaders are choosing to match their product or service to provide a day of safety and education, so that each time they sell their product or deliver their service, they provide a day of safety and education to a child through us. And, depending on the price point of the product or service, and the profit margin, some are providing 4 days or 7 days of safety and education per product or service sold.
For example,

  • Vivaio days, the hub for sustainable children’s goods, provide one day of safety and education every time a customer spends $20.
  • Upswing, who provide childcare with co-working spaces, and provide one day of safety and education for every child they look after.
  • Amber Hawken, who coaches people to find what it is they stand for, provides four days of safety and education every time she sells a copy of her book, The Unfu*kwithable Life.
  • Amplify, who leverage the power of conversation, provide seven days of safety and education with every copy of their book, Amplify, sold.
  • Pandanus Finance, are passionate about promoting financial literacy, and for every loan settled by Dave Hirst they will donate $45, for us to provide 30 days of safety and education” (Dave Hirst: Credit Licence 391237 & Representative Number 40023)
  • Kobomo, an online and offline womens fashion retailer, provide an extra tuition class with each item they sell.
  • Natures Organics, who to date have provided 34,000 days of safety and education.
  • Australian Ethical Super, who to date have provided 39,333 days of safety and education.
  • Results Through People, use a program called BrainSmart® to help people deal with change and build resilience, challenge unconscious bias and lead others using the latest findings from Neuroscience. They provide 1500 days of safety and education every year. 

And while we know ethical businesses don’t do it for PR, we give them lots of opportunities to showcase their support, if they want to, and ways to increase their staff and client engagement too.

Send us a quick message to begin the process, or just learn more. Tell us a sentence or two about your business and why you’re interested and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Partnering with Free To Shine is for ethical business leaders who are driven to make a difference while still making a profit, and for those who want to play a meaningful role in global change. Businesses like:



(Dave Hirst: Credit Licence 391237 & Representative Number 40023)










Nature’s Organics
We do not ask anything in return for our support, all we ask is they remain committed to achieving their goals and helping as many children as possible. We will continue to fund them whilst they strive to provide the support they do to those who are vulnerable. They are very positive people and they put themselves at risk from traffickers yet this does not deter them. We are very confident that they will play a very large part in reducing child trafficking in Cambodia if given the support they need.”

– Justin Dowel, Managing Director


Australian Ethical
“Australian Ethical has awarded grant money to Free to Shine three times.  Our grants process actively seeks out organisations that share our passion for global ethical concerns in the areas of sustainability, human rights, and animal rights.  Free to Shine actively works to address issues of sex trafficking in Cambodia and as a result of their work, not only are young girls helped to have a better quality of life, but so are the families and communities connected to them.

We regularly receive communication from Free to Shine in the form of emails and detailed newsletters about the ongoing operations of their projects.  We have never had to prompt these updates because they come at regular intervals with plenty of detail.The funding provided has been used as initially proposed in their application.

We would absolutely partner with Free To Shine again. Our internal grants team develops a shortlist of applicants and then we allow our shareholders to vote for the winning project. Every year our shareholders connect with the mission of Free to Shine and vote for it to be awarded a grant. I don’t believe there is anything that can be done to improve this partnership.  We are currently looking to send a staff member to Cambodia to see how our grant money is being used and they have been incredibly open to this idea.  It will allow our employees to engage with our grants program and the specific work being done to assist these communities.”

– Jacqueline Lapensee, Executive Assistant to the MD