Global Leadership Team


Nicky Mih
Managing Director & Founder
As an educator, coach, and adventurer, Nicky Mih is passionate about inspiring people to learn, achieve, and make a difference in the world. In 2009 Nicky spent a month volunteering with more than 200 girls rescued from sex slavery in Cambodia, an experience which profoundly challenged her and led to the creation of Free To Shine.
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Kylie Anderson
Director & Co-Founder
Kylie Anderson is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is the Director of RJS Accounting Services Pty Ltd. She has extensive experience in the growth and development of business services, auditing, and tax compliance. Passionate about life and her work, with a lifelong commitment to helping children strive through adversity, in 2010 when the opportunity came to join Nicky in founding Free To Shine Kylie jumped at the chance to take an active role.
Georgia Morrison
Board Member
Georgia is a graphic designer currently undertaking a Masters of International Development in order to fuel her passion to empower women and girls and alleviate poverty. She has worked at multiple NGOs, such as Sakeum Teang Tnaut in Cambodia and Destiny Foundation in India, and volunteered for a total of 6 months for Marafiki International in Kenya working to improve the literacy of Internally Displaced Children in the Great Rift Valley. Georgia has been a volunteer with Free To Shine since 2013 and is committed to creating positive change in Cambodia.
Aynsley Damery
Advisory Board Member
Aynsley Damery is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and CEO of Tayabali Tomlin, a multi-award winning accounting firm based in the UK that believes in thinking differently, challenging the status quo and changing lives. Aynsley works with owner-managed businesses to help them grow and scale sustainably and profitably and focuses heavily on strategy, business model design and innovation and sound management reporting frameworks. Purpose, making a difference and social responsibility play a large part of Tayabali Tomlin and the many clients that they work with. Aynsley, has been involved with charities for a number of years, participating in study tours to see worthy causes in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia and Mumbai, India.
Steve Pipe
Advisory Board Member
Steve Pipe is a UK based Chartered Accountant who is passionate about making a difference. He is the founder of the not-for-profit Accountants Changing the World movement, which since its launch in 2012 has aided over 7 million people in need. In 2015 he was shortlisted for the UK’s first ever “Outstanding Contribution to Accounting” award, as well as formerly being nominated as the UK’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Steve has written written two books – “The world’s most inspiring accountants” and “Stress proof your business and your life”. He also founded the AVN association consisting of over 100 proactive UK accountants. His hobbies include playing tennis badly, and playing blues guitar terribly.
Chris Robb
Advisory Board Member
Chris is a 30-year veteran of the mass participation sports events industry where he had built businesses in Australia and Singapore in that time span. He is the CEO of Mass Participation Asia which he founded in 2015 and is the author of ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’. Apart from regularly consulting to events, brands and governments, and creating mass participation IP, Chris is an avid speaker at conferences and is a mentor for other business owners and entrepreneurs through the Key Person of Influence programme.
Ronsley Vaz
Advisory Board Member
Ronsley Vaz is a speaker, author and marketer. He is the author of the book AMPLIFY – How to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business. His podcast, ‘Bond Appetit’, is Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and receives between eight and twelve thousand listeners a day. Ronsley is also the founder of content marketing agency Amplify. Ronsley has an MBA in Psychology and Leadership and a Master’s in Software Engineering as well as a Diploma in Financial Services. Ronsley’s journey has seen him specialise in a variety of different industries. Before making it as an entrepreneur, he worked as a DJ, software engineer, financial adviser, restaurateur and chef.