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downloadMeet The Woman Who Has Saved Over 700 Children From Sex SlaveryCazinc 
Right now, there are 4.5 million people enslaved in the sex industry, 945,000 of whom are children. 7 years ago, I was attending a 10-day course, 5 days before Christmas, then completed the course 4 weeks later. Upon returning, we were asked what we did over summer. I will never forget the moment when a Nicky stood up and stated she travelled to Cambodia to set up a charity….Read more

PODCAST-Template-12Episode 7 – Nicky Mih, Sex Trafficking, Perspective & Courage.
BU Podcast with Amber Hawken.
Did you know that a sex trafficking victim is often raped 10-20 times a day, so in a period of 6 months that’s anywhere between 1,800 to 3,600 times? What about the fact that at around 20 years of age, after a lifetime of her body being purchased at the price of a cup of coffee, she is simply released, for she is no longer fresh and thus deemed useless in the trafficking industry? How about the fact that whenever a girl is rescued from sex trafficking, that another is plucked from for her life to replace her, and that rescuing while a miracle in itself, doesn’t end the problem? Listen to podcast

Episode 16 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-FwordpicWalker is #Freight: Human Cargo: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia with Nicky Mih.
So congratulations if you get to the end of this podcast, because it’s tough. You will be rewarded with a big fat rant from me at the end. The title is pretty self explanatory, Nicky and I talk about Sex Trafficking. It happens and it happens in the poorest countries in the world and it happens to girls because they have no other choices. Nicky wanted to work with rescued girls but out of the 200 rescued girls she spoke to, not one wanted help, instead, they wanted her to help the girls who would be trafficked because they had been saved and the sex traffickers would be looking to replace them… Listen to podcast

limerick-leaderLimerick man’s no beer year is a charitable learning curve
Limerick Leader, Dec 2016
One Limerick man is coming near the end of a year in which he set himself a very personal challenge, but it has all been in aid of a worthy cause. Michael Tynan, from Caherelly, was not adverse to a couple of pints before last New Year’s Day, but the 24-year-old social worker has given it all up for the entire year to help in the fight against child sex trafficking. Having raised just over €1,000 for the charity Free to Shine, which empowers young girls with an education, he is on the home stretch…. Read more

b1g1Empowerment not Handouts: An Inspiring Interview with Free to Shine Founder
B1G1, Dec 2016
Nicky Mih’s dream is to eradicate sex trafficking. But that dream surprisingly doesn’t start with rescuing victims. It starts well before that point, through educating vulnerable girls and their families. This is something that Nicky found out through visiting and speaking with 200 girls in Cambodia who had been rescued, and soon learned no one was filling this need for prevention through education. The girls told her that many of them had dropped out of school at a very young age to help provide for their families…Read more

Sex trafficking: How to Empower with Education to Make a Lasting Change with Nicky Mih
Bond Appetit, Nov 2016
Nicky Mih is the newest CALI Award winner who is fighting child sex slavery in Cambodia through her scholarship programme. Free To Shine was founded in June 2010 after Nicky spent a month with more than 200 survivors of child sex slavery. The approach and philosophy was not to rescue or fix but to empower through education. They wanted survivors to be able to attend university, and they wanted every young girl to be protected from the horrors of being trafficked….Listen to podcast. 

Nicky Mih – Winner of the CALI Award
Five Point Five, Oct 2016
The CALI Award is awarded to inspiring, awesome people who are creating positive change. We bring you every day heroes, who are making the world a better place. Our newest CALI Award winner is Nicky Mih, who is fighting child sex slavery in Cambodia, through her scholarship program. Free To Shine was founded in June 2010, after Nicky spent a month with more than 200 survivors of child sex slavery….. Read more 

probonoEmpowering Girls to Become Leaders
ProBono Australia, July 2016
Free To Shine started after Mih, who always wanted to work with women or girls on an issue, spent a month with more than 200 survivors of child sex slavery. The organisation identifies girls at high risk of being targeted by traffickers, and gives them a uniform, a bike, a bag filled with books and pens, and visits them regularly to keep them safe and in school. The long-term goal is to help these girls become leaders in their communities. In this week’s Changemaker, Mih talks about getting the girls in school before the traffickers get them into brothels, the many unexpected issues that go with that, why all humanity has a responsibility to help, and how “all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”…. Read more.

development-circleFree To Shine
Development Circle, June 2016
Free To Shine was established to empower through education to prevent sex trafficking. We keep girls most at risk in school by helping them achieve their five essential human rights. These are; freedom from slavery; access to education; access to safe drinking water; enough food to not be hungry; and adequate shelter…. Read more

Women Who Are Leading the Way – Free To Shine
Films for Action, March 2016
This International Women’s Day‪‬ we celebrate three women who are leading the way in rural Cambodia. Watch our video to meet Koem Toch, Nim Mao and Choung Hach. Koem Toch helps navigate complicated relationship issues such as domestic violence. “I help my community to solve their problems. I am the person who will take a pregnant woman to the health centre or provincial hospital when she is having her baby. I teach them not to be afraid to ask for help from medical staff.”… Read more

mp-magFree To Shine Expands!
Mornington Peninsula Magazine, Feb 2016. 
Local Mornington non-profit Free To Shine are expanding their education program. The main office in Siem Reap has enrolled over 550 rural Cambodian girls into their program, which puts at-risk girls back in school to stop them from being targeted by sex traffickers. They are now in the beginning stages of opening a second office in Battambang, Cambodia which is close to the Thai border… Read more.

verandahNicky Mih’s Freedom to Shine – Saving Girls from Sex Slavery
Verandah Magazine, August 2015. 
When Nicky Mih established her human rights organisation Free To Shine, in 2010, it was with a view to ending the sex trafficking of young girls in rural Cambodia. She followed a simple core idea: “‘It starts with you’,” says Mih, CEO of Free To Shine, “that’s the simple truth.” Mih, the CEO of Free To Shine, spent a month in Cambodia with more than 200 survivors of sex slavery, and was determined to try to help: “I kept reading these harrowing stories about girls in the sex trade and it got to the point that I had to act, I had to do something to help,” she says… Read more. 

dwsA Dark Day for Torah Bright
Dancing with the Stars, 2014
Dancing for Free to Shine, Torah not only raised money for her chosen charity but she also learned a new skill with dance partner Robbie Kmetoni. “This journey has been absolutely incredible. I’ve loved bringing awareness to Free to Shine. Torah might have missed out on the shiny mirror ball trophy but she now has her sights set on gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. “It’s not the way I saw my dance journey ending but I have to make sure I’m ready to get on my snowboard as soon as I can.”… Read more 

Free To Shine – Community Grant Update
Good Money Magazine, 2013.
Free to Shine was on e of Australian Ethical’s 2013 Community Gran t recipients. It is a humanitarian organisation , founded in Australia, which works in collaboration with communities and local governments in Cambodia. We interviewed its CEO, Nicky Mih to find out how the organisation ’s been getting on and what its got planned for 2014… Read more.