Our Girls’ Stories

The villages where our girls live are among some of the poorest, with most of our families relying on agriculture or irregular construction work to make an income. Most of our families live in small houses made of woven palm leaves, sometimes raised a little off the ground. If they are lucky, they have a small plot of land where they can grow their own rice and vegetables. Having a toilet is a luxury and clean drinking water is often hard to come by. Despite these challenges, our girls are dedicated to their education and are extremely resilient.

Our program is full of strong, confident girls and women. They aspire to become doctors, lawyers and teachers. Your generous support can help these girls through school to achieve their dreams and be free from being trafficked. It is an honor and a privilege to partner with these families to provide an education so their daughters are equipped to have have an easier life.

Rery:Kinh and Grandma Photostory

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