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Not sure what you want for your birthday? Why not ask your family and friends to pledge the money that they would have spent on a present for you, towards enrolling an at-risk Cambodian girl into an education which will provide her a brighter future?

Simply register below and we will create a customised fundraising page for you. You then share this with your family and friends before your next celebration so that instead of spending their money on an excess of items, they help you provide a girl with an education and opportunities.

Here are some examples of what your donations can provide:

  • $1,000 will fund a new House
  • $500 will fund a University Education
  • $380 will provide a Home Repair
  • $75 will provide a new Bicycle
  • $70 will fund a Community Training Session
  • $40 will provide School Uniforms
  • $35 will fund a Vegetable Garden
  • $25 will provide a new Water Filter
  • $15 will fund Extra Tuition Classes
  • $10 will fund a Family Visit from one of our officers

Pledge Your Pressies needn’t be for your birthday; you could Pledge Your Pressies for any occasion, such as this Christmas, or even your wedding.

Complete the form below and we will create your personal fundraiser page and send it through to you:

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