The Ripple Effect: A Derby woman’s efforts to end child slavery

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Eventbrite - The Ripple Effect: A Derby woman’s efforts to end child slavery.

Nicky Mih (formerly Nicky Warren) of Chaddesden, Derby, is a woman on a mission. Come to this talk and be inspired and mobilised to make this world a better place.

Nicky attended Derwent, Cherry Tree and West Park schools and graduated from Derby Uni. She began her career as a primary school teacher before emigrating to Australia.

Committed to protecting children, she went on to become the founder and Managing Director of Free To Shine, a charity to prevent sex trafficking in Cambodia. Nicky is working in the lives of thousands of people living in absolute poverty, to ensure children stay safe, have their basic needs for food and clean water met, and a roof over their heads. Twenty staff, including Social Workers and Education Officers, work closely with police community leaders, councils and schools across Siem Reap to keep over 700 girls safe and in school.

Nicky will share with you:

  • 1. Her early life in Derby
    2. Why she left England
    3. Some facts about sex trafficking and survivor stories
    4. What it’s like to run a charity in a developing country
    5. The challenges faced, lessons learned and outcomes achieved

Nicky is the co-author of a book called Better Business, Better Life, Better World and her book ‘Do What Matters’ is due for release later this year. Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear Nicky speak about her journey and her determination to eradicate modern day slavery. It’s all about the ripple effect!









40 mins talk, 20 mins Q&A
Refreshments available at bar.
Mature themes, not suitable for children

Quad Cafe, Market Place, Derby

Thursday 15 February 2018

7pm – 8pm

Earlybird rate: £5*
Standard: £10
*until Sunday 11th

Eventbrite - The Ripple Effect: A Derby woman’s efforts to end child slavery.

“Do what matters, and do it properly – your life (just like mine) will hopefully be around 650,000 hours long, presuming we both live well into our seventies. It makes sense to use it well, to do what matters. And it makes sense to do that properly. You’ve got to be prepared to do things that others won’t.”

-Nicky Mih