Frequently Asked Questions

Shine and Dine July 30 banner
What is the Shine and Dine campaign?
The Shine and Dine campaign is an initiative started by Free To Shine in 2016 on the Mornington Peninsula.  The campaign was conceived of as a simple but impactful way for all of us to prevent child trafficking.

We collaborate with restaurants and cafes and invite their diners to make a gold coin donation in support of the UN’s World Day Against Human Trafficking.  We do this by way of donation boxes at the register and donation bags which are placed on the tables.  We leave it up to diners to decide how much they would like to contribute.

What happened and who participated in 2016?
We had an amazing response from businesses in 2016 with our top fundraiser, Steeples of Mornington, raising over $1000 in one weekend alone!
In total 16 businesses partnered with us. 

The Top Five fundraisers were:

Lilo Café
Restaurant Soy
The Cove Hotel

The other businesses were:

Frankston and Other
The Boathouse
The Grand Hotel
The Rocks
The Bay Hotel

Mount Eliza
Canadian Bay Hotel
Morleys Bar and Bistro
 Mount Martha
East Dining
 Red Hill
Rye Hotel


We even got some great publicity.

I am a business.  What is happening in 2017 and how can I help?
Due to the success of the campaign and the generosity of the local Mornington Peninsula community, we are expanding in 2017 and running the campaign in various parts of Melbourne.The campaign will be run throughout the period of June and July, leading up to the UN’s World Day Against Human Trafficking. We listened to feedback and have taken you up on your suggestions. So, apart from the donation bags and donation boxes, you can nominate a dish and add $2 to the margin.  Or you can add to $2 the bill for us!

Why should I as a business help?
There is a lot of talk these days about being a business with a social conscience.  Your staff will want to work with a business that is globally aware and does good in the world.  And we know you want to too! As a bonus, we will promote your business in various media and on our webpage to get word out there about the contribution you are making. Contact Campaign Lead, Liz Lor for more information on 0421 057 538 to be part of this positive change campaign.

I am an individual.  What is happening in 2017 and how can I help?
By taking a simple micro action of dining at a restaurant or café, you can help to prevent child trafficking in South East Asia.  Have a coffee, donate and make a difference! Check out the businesses who are participating in the June/July 2017 Shine and Dine campaign here.  Check back regularly as we are adding businesses weekly.  Then, simply visit them during the campaign and make your donation there.

What happens to all the funds raised?
As a charity, we are completely transparent.  Check out our Impact reports and Annual reports here to see how we make a difference. 

Want to get in touch?
For more information about the campaign, please contact Campaign Lead, Liz Lor on 0421 057 538.