We’re Writing a Book!

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Do What Matters is for people who hold themselves to a higher standard, those driven to help change the world.

Nicky Mih is a woman on a mission – to prevent children being trafficked into the commercial sex industry, a mission set for her by survivors themselves. As the founder and MD of Free To Shine, Nicky leads a team who works with girls to secure their safety and achieve their rights to be free from slavery, access education, safe drinking water, enough food and adequate shelter.

Business leaders and their teams are increasingly becoming aware of their social responsibility to not only solve problems for their clients but to begin addressing how they might solve some of the world’s problems, and Do What Matters helps them do this. Leading a child protection organisation has taught Nicky Mih many lessons in ethical and effective leadership. And the girls and families Nicky works with have taught her what real strength is, how things become easier with perspective, how to be happy, and how important community is. In Do What Matters, Nicky shares these lessons, each of which can be applied by the reader in his or her own life and business.

Do What Matters is for:
– Ethical business leaders who are driven to make a difference while still making a profit
– Those who want to play a meaningful role in global change
– People who want to start charities, volunteer for them or donate to them

In this book you will learn:
– Why it’s time to shift from apathy to action
– How you can make a bigger difference than you think
– What you need in order to leverage the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired

“Nicky is nothing short of inspirational. She has presented at many of our large events leaving barely a dry eye in the house.”
– Mark Darwin, Founder Freedom Summits

“Nicky is forward-thinking and truly demonstrates dedication and integrity.”
– Masami Sato, Founder Buy1Give1

You can help us make Do What Matters happen, by pre-ordering your copy. When you place your order, you will be partaking in this amazing journey, as well as assisting us to cover the costs of editing and publishing. At this stage, we are expecting Do What Matters to be released in March 2018.

Benefits of pre-ordering:

  • Be involved in something special by helping making Do What Matters possible.
  • Every copy will be signed
  • Special discount price of AUD $28.00
  • Great for bulk buying for Christmas to give to your friends or staff members


Please note, we are currently only able offer shipping within Australia. If you are overseas, don’t lose hope! International shipping will be available soon. Watch this space. 

*Please note, as Do What Matters is a still a work in progress, there may be changes to the final appearance of the book, and/or taglines.