Who We Work With

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” –
Benjamin Franklin

Prevention isn’t a new concept. Seatbelts. Vaccines. Condoms. Helmets. We do not want any girl to experience the horrors and tortures of sex trafficking. We focus on preventing girls from ever experiencing this trauma. The International Labour Organisation states that “getting girls into schools and keeping them there is vital to reducing their vulnerability to trafficking, while UNESCO report that there are currently 25,697 girls in Cambodia who should be in primary school but are not, and a further 119,972 girls who should be in grades 7-9 but are not.  We believe that the safest place for a girl who is at risk of being trafficked into the commercial sex industry is in school where she can learn, grow, and develop into a young woman of potential.

 We work with:

  • Girls who have never been to school
  • Girls who have discontinued – or are on the verge of discontinuing – their education
  • Girls left to live independently, caring for younger siblings
  • Girls living with grandparents or aunts who have little ability to keep them in school
  • Girls who work to financially support their families
  • Girls living with family violence