What Does Free To Shine Do?

We believe children should be in schools, not brothels. So we identify girls at high risk of being targeted by traffickers, get her a uniform and a bike, fill a bag with books and pens, and visit her regularly to keep her in school and keep her safe. We equip with an education to prevent sex trafficking.  

We take very seriously the responsibility that you entrust in us when you invest your time and resources in our organisation. We are a registered Australian charity, founded on June 01, 2010 and endorsed by the ATO. Our ACN is 143 986 074. We are governed by a board of directors and we adhere to high standards of accountability and transparency. All our financials are independently audited by a Registered Company Auditor. Free To Shine is run by a skilled team of volunteers in Australia led by our CEO. Our team in Australia work on whatever needs doing next to ensure we build the best organisation for our team in Cambodia to be able to reach more girls. In Cambodia we have a remarkable team of exceptionally competent Education Outreach Officers who support and guide our girls and their families in a very gentle and friendly, yet firm and honest way.