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Join our team of dedicated professionals and take a stand against trafficking and exploitation!

There are no open job listings available at this time.


Free To Shine’s volunteers play key roles in the organisation’s success and growth. Leverage your skills and experience to create positive change by becoming a volunteer! Volunteer teams are located virtually, in Melbourne, Victoria, the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and positions are generally available year-round.

Given the vulnerability and high risk situations in which the girls and families on our program live, we typically do not take on short term Cambodia-based volunteers except in the case of limited three month opportunities for skilled professions when we have specific projects. We do post these positions on our website below, so keep an eye out for any new posts or follow us on Facebook to hear about them first!

We are currently looking for people with copy editing, project management, PR, digital marketing, research or administrative experience. Please enquire via our contact form.

We also take volunteers via Professionals Doing Good and Vollie.