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Trafficking Factsheet
Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery - an umbrella term that occurs when people are forced into exploitative situations for profit where that person cannot leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception or abuse of power. It affects millions of women, children and men all across the globe.
Choosing a Charity Partner
There are so many charities and NGOs, and we know that you want to make sure that your dollar will be well spent. To help you make the decision, we have provided a summary of the 7 mistakes ethical business leaders make when choosing a charity partner.
How Do I Talk About Free To Shine?
Join the fight against trafficking by telling everyone you know about Free To Shine and the work we do to protect vulnerable girls in Siem Reap Province from trafficking and exploitation. Check out our resource sheet for more information.
Responsible Travel Factsheet
Would you volunteer at an orphanage in your home country? Would you want strangers peering at your children while they are at school? When trying to decide whether a potential village tour or volunteer opportunity is ethical or responsible, check out our fact sheet.
Family & Domestic Violence Factsheet
Violence has no place in the family unit and must be addressed at all levels, with all family members. Free To Shine’s social workers have received extensive training in family and domestic violence, safety planning and appropriate interventions. For more information on family & domestic violence, check out our fact sheet.

Video Resources

Use our impact videos as a tool to communicate why you're supporting Free To Shine.

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