A Choose your own adventure style Interactive workshop

Do you want to visit a rural village, but don’t want to disrupt families? Do you want to better understand the challenges faced by families in Cambodia?

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Walk a mile in Serey’s shoes. During this interactive experience you will be dropped into the shoes of Serey, a Cambodian mother. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to keep your children safe no matter what life throws at you. The challenges come in thick and fast. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on.

You will learn about life in rural Cambodia, the challenges families face daily, and Free To Shine’s approach to preventing the exploitation of school-aged girls.

The Details

What you need to know when making a booking.

The experience runs for four hours
Shine Central, Free To Shine Office in Siem Reap
Suggested donation:
$55 USD per person

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn about common challenges faced by rural Cambodian families and be asked to make difficult decisions on topics including traditional vs. modern medicine, microfinance loans and debt, child labour, orphanages, migration, food scarcity and more. The Free To Shine team will provide information and facilitate critical discussion about life in rural Cambodia and Free To Shine’s approach to preventing the exploitation of school-aged girls.

What You'll Receive

A deeper connection to life in rural Cambodia.
A chance to connect with Free To Shine’s team and learn
more about their work supporting some of the most
disadvantaged girls and families in Siem Reap Province.
Delicious Cambodian snacks, an informational booklet, a
wealth of knowledge, and lots of fun.


If your group is more than 12 people, or the provided dates aren’t suitable, please contact us at amiss@freetoshine.org and we will try our best to accommodate you.

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Today I visited Free To Shine and completed a learning workshop with them. I have learnt about how to help in long term solutions rather than reactional. Education is the key not only for the Cambodian nation, but also for us . . . My mind is a whirl of ideas and emotions. My heart has fallen in love. My tummy is a flutter of excitement and nerves.

Shelly Pritchard

It has left me fired up and passionate for the charity and its work. I love that I have found a charity that not only empowers women and girls, it never gives up on them.

Sam Doyle

It really showed me how important it is to think about what you are doing when helping out

Jessica Pillow

A Mile in Serey’s Shoes is very informative, inspiring deep discussion about the issues faced by some Cambodian families, making you realize in very real terms the challenges they face.

Deborah Apps

Going through Serey’s story, and being faced with the same choices she may have faced really man an impact! I feel that I have a better understanding of the challenges faced by families


A Mile in Serey’s shoes is a wonderfully thought-provoking interactive activity that manages to educate participating on important topics in a fun and enjoyable way


We all learn more from doing than just listening. A Mile in Serey’s Shoes makes you think and discuss issues affecting Cambodians and is an excellent way to discover more about the issues people face


A Mile in Serey’s Shoes helped our group to understand the challenges faced by Cambodian families and what we can do to support the work they do – highly recommended!


Free To Shine’s activity enabled us to really understand and empathize with the day to day decision points that could be pathways to adversity for girls and families


The Free To Shine workshop did a great job of giving us insight into both the challenges faced by Cambodian people and the work of the organisation. We left with a much better understanding of the issues and the potential solutions


The Free To Shine workshop was a really engaging way to learn about the challenges of life for people in Cambodia