We believe in the power of Community

That’s why the girls on our program aren’t given charity, they’re given a team to help them achieve their human rights. When you sponsor with Free To Shine, for $45 AUD a month, you become part of a global team that provides essential, life-changing support for the girls on our program, to help them shine in the classroom and beyond.

Sponsor a Girl

Our Part

Child protection is our top priority. We are committed to providing an ethical and empowering program. We’ll provide you with annual progress reports on the girl you sponsor and quarterly communications to keep you in the loop on the impact of Free To Shine’s work with sponsored girls.

Your Part

Your monthly support helps one at-risk girl stay safe and engaged in education.Your donation provides monthly safety visits, educational materials, financial support for additional curriculum classes, and social work interventions as needed. If you like, you also have the opportunity to write an annual letter to the girl you sponsor.

The Girls' Part

The most important thing sponsors want for the girl they sponsor is the opportunity for her to have a safe and happy childhood. For that reason girls on our program are not required to write letters to their sponsor. However, she will have the opportunity to include her reflections on her academic and personal progress when we complete your annual progress report.


Have a question? See some of our frequently asked questions below. Or scroll down to send us a message.

Why sponsor through Free To Shine?

When you sponsor through Free To Shine you can be sure your $45 AUD a month is going to where it is needed most. We are a registered Australian Charity, not affiliated with any religion. All our reports are available to the public and our financial records are audited annually by a Registered Company Auditor. To learn more about our commitment to transparency take a look at our Reports & Financials.

How long is the sponsorship time commitment?

The length of your sponsorship is completely up to you. In Cambodia, school must be provided through to the grade 9 exams, though we support girls through to the end of grade 12. Therefore the length of your sponsorship depends on what grade she is in when your sponsorship begins. If you are worried about the long-term commitment, just let us know and we’ll do our best to match you with a girl who is in High School and has 3 years or less remaining until graduation.

Does my monthly contribution go directly to the girl and her family?

As a sponsor, you are matched with one girl on our program and your donation provides her with life changing support in the form of monthly safety visits, educational materials, and social work interventions as needed. The only funds the girl and her family directly receive are for additional curriculum classes.

How much does it cost to keep a girl safe from trafficking?

When you sponsor with Free To Shine, for $45 AUD a month, you become part of a global team that provides essential, life-changing support for the girls on our program, to help them shine in the classroom and beyond.

I've just signed up as a sponsor, what happens now?

Welcome to the team! In the coming days, you will receive a sponsor welcome pack in the post. The welcome pack includes a welcome letter from our Sponsorship Coordinator, some details of the girl you are sponsoring, the sponsor agreement, and a letter from our Managing Director.

Can I write to the girl I sponsor?

Yes, sponsors have the opportunity to write to the girl they sponsor once per year. Please note that this is completely optional, and there is no obligation for either the sponsor or the girl and her family to be involved in communication.

Can I visit Free To Shine?

Yes, if you are in Siem Reap we’d love to host you at the Free To Shine office for a short visit, or for our A Mile in Serey’s Shoes experience – whichever you’d prefer. To avoid disruption to our program we do require that all interested visitors contact us first to make an appointment, so please do let us know if you’d like to stop by. Read more here.

Can I meet the girl I sponsor?

No, you cannot. As a child protection organisation the safety and privacy of the girls and their families must always come first. The service we provide to vulnerable girls’ and their families is much like the social work service provided in your home country, where of course children and families cannot be visited. However, as a sponsor you do have the opportunity to write to the girl you sponsor once per year and will receive annual progress reports to keep you informed of her academic and personal progress.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, we are approved as a Deductible Gift Recipient with the Australian Taxation Office, so all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Will I get a receipt to claim in my tax return?

Yes, we will email this annual receipt to you during the first week of July each year. If you don't receive this, it's most likely that there was a mistake in your email address. Please contact us to update your details.

My credit card is due to expire shortly – how do I notify you of the new expiry date?

Simply email the new expiry date (date only – do not include card numbers etc) to Kylie on kylie@freetoshine.org and she’ll happily update it for you.

My credit card and/or bank details have changed – how do I securely provide you with my new details?

You can update your bank details securely over the phone. Please email Kylie on kylie@freetoshine.org and she’ll arrange to telephone you at a suitable time.

Still have questions? Please get in touch.

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We love sponsoring a girl through Free To Shine because we know our money is directly helping keep a girl safe from sex trafficking and improving her life and her future. Free To Shine really changes the world and we’re so proud to be a part of it.

Amy & Michael

Providing a sponsorship with this beautiful organisation creates a lasting change in these young girls lives, completely transforming the world that they live in, enabling them to reach their utmost full potential, and most importantly providing them with the opportunity to be a child.

Mikarla Teague

We could give a one-off donation and make a great impact by doing so, but I think the regular month-by-month commitment has so much greater value to remind us of what we stand for as a family.

Karen Ormerod

It’s fantastic, your model is brilliant and what I value most is your transparency.


I recently received my first school progress report from the girl I sponsor and I was thrilled to read how she was doing in Maths, Science and Khmer. I hope that through Free To Shine I can make a small contribution to stifling the deplorable and depraved practice of child sex trafficking. I urge anyone who feels the same to consider sponsoring through this fantastic organisation.

Brett Rogers

A wonderful way to help to provide a girl in Cambodia with an education and to help to keep her safe from trafficking. A caring charity with integrity and heart.


I love knowing that I am helping make a difference, even though I am so far away.


I value the fact that Free To Shine provides such wide support to the whole community to keep girls in school and works with the whole community to change attitudes to and knowledge about trafficking. You address all the issues for each individual as to why they are having difficulty in school.


Our Promise to You

We deeply value the trust you place in us by choosing to be a sponsor and are committed to open and transparent communication. All of our Impact and Financial Reports are freely available on our website and we encourage you to take a look at these and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Free To Shine is a registered Australian charity, endorsed by the Australian Tax Office and compliant with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) reporting standards. Our ACN is 143 986 074. We are governed by a board of directors. We do not have a religious affiliation. We have MoUs with the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSAVY), and the Ministry of Education (MoEYS). All our financials are independently audited by a registered company auditor.