Agriculture Training

Our staff at Free To Shine all come from unique backgrounds and have many diverse strengths, so we encourage them to share their knowledge and skills with the team. One member in particular, Kimsea, recently graduated from Build Bright University with a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Studies. This is a tremendous asset to our team as he can transfer his knowledge of gardening to the rest of our staff who can then teach the girls, many of which rely on these gardens for their family meals.On July 22nd, Kimsea and the rest of our staff traveled to one of our supported villages to create an entire garden from scratch and train the team on every step of the process. The team helped a family clear debris from the plot of l

and, and then the demonstrations began. Our staff learned how to prepare the soil, plant the seeds in rows, use the right amount of water depending on the type of seed, and ensure the best light and care for each vegetable. Free To Shine provides each girl with a variety of seeds, including two types of eggplant, chili, herbs, morning glory, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and more. The vegetables were selected based on ease of growing, nutritional value and which yield the most for the price.We are very excited about this training and the fact that one of our staff members was able to transfer such applicable knowledge and skills to everyone at Free To Shine. Our staff can now educate girls and their families on how to yield the most vegetables possible. With more plentiful gardens, the girls in our program will lead healthier lives and can even sell excess vegetables to their neighbors or local market to supplement their family’s income.

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