Article: “Cambodian Women Recount Escape from Slavery as ‘Brides’ in China”

This article tells the story of Cambodian women who migrate to China under false promises of better employment, but find themselves trafficked and trapped in forced marriages, sexual slavery and/or domestic servitude. A report by the United Nations found 85 Cambodian women who were repatriated in 2015 after escaping forced marriages in China.Mu Sochua, a Cambodian Member of Parliament and woman’s rights advocate, argues that the best way to tackle this problem, and human trafficking in general, is to improve socio-economic circumstances for women in Cambodia: “What we need is heavy investment in education and health. Unless you solve the problem at the root, the problem will always be there…”Free To Shine works to prevent sex trafficking, and other forms of exploitation, by strengthening families and promoting the rights of girls – especially their right to education. To learn more about how access to education reduces the risk of being trafficked, click here.