Free To Shine & Facebook's New Algorithm

Mark Zuckerberg, the a co-founder and CEO of Facebook released new updates about the site's news-feed and the stories that are shown to you. In the past, Free To Shine has been successful in raising awareness about our program and organization because our posts would show up on many people's timelines. This would happen if someone liked one of our daily posts and then that post would be visible in their friends' news-feed.We are so thankful for the following we have on Facebook and hope that the changes to Facebook's new algorithm do not stop our progress. Free To Shine has nearly 18,000 likes but due to the new algorithm, some posts are now only being seen by 100-300 people. Facebook said these changes were to make Facebook more personal but unfortunately at the cost of Free To Shine's exposure.

What can you do to help?Visit our Facebook page here!

1. Prioritize our posts in your timeline!



2. Invite your friends to like Free To Shine!Mobile:


3. Use the 'explore' function to see more posts from pages and organizations!Mobile:


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Your interest and support in Free To Shine means so much to us.*We also have an instagram: @freetoshine

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