Gender & Equity Training

Sreymom, our Free To Shine Program Officer, is passionate about promoting gender equity in Cambodian society and within the workplace. She recently sought out a partnership with another vocal advocate, Chhum Ratha, Gender Equity Program Manager at Caring for Cambodia. Together, the two developed and facilitated a full-day training for our staff members focused on the complex, often sensitive topic of “Gender Roles & Stereotypes”.

The training aimed to examine and challenge the participant’s attitudes and beliefs about gender, to create a safe forum for discussion and to gain higher understanding of other gender identities. Throughout the day they covered topics such as the differences between sex & gender, traditional gender roles & stereotypes and power dynamics & gender. Thanks to Sreymom and Ratha’s encouragement and facilitation, the day was packed full of reflective activities and lively conversations. The training concluded with an activity where participants honestly reflected on what they learned that day – and several admitted that the way they thought about gender and sexuality had changed.This was just the first in a series of gender and equity trainings for our staff. It is our hope that the knowledge and skills our Education Officers and Social Workers gain from these trainings will assist them in relating to and working with the girls and families we support. Eventually, once our staff members feel comfortable and well-versed in the subject, we hope to conduct a community workshop focused on gender and equity.

We are so thankful for Sreymom’s initiative in making this training happen, for Chhum Ratha and Caring for Cambodia for sharing their expertise and, finally, for our staff members for their mature participation and willingness to learn!