Article: "Maid repatriated from Saudi Arabia"

"A third Cambodian woman was repatriated from Saudi Arabia on Monday after she worked there as a maid without pay for more than a year after being sent there by brokers."Unfortunately headlines like these are very common in Cambodia. Brokers often target vulnerable communities and convince individuals to accept jobs abroad without the necessary safe-guards in place (passports, contact information etc) which leads to cases of exploitation and trafficking.

“I know I went there illegally but I have many debts and my family is poor. But when I worked there, I did not get paid. I didn’t want to work there any more so I sought help from authorities.”

Free To Shine works to stop this harmful trend with our community class titled "Safe Migration". The community class' goal is to educate the community on the ploys traffickers use and the many things individuals can do to make themselves safer when working within Cambodia and abroad.Full Article: March 28, 2018Source: Khmer Times