Article: "Minister: 451 children from homes now in family-based care"

Free To Shine joined the ReThink Orphanage Network to help spread awareness about the family-based care model as an alternative to the orphanage model. Free To Shine is hopeful that this message continues to spread, and that orphanages and residential care institutions will be more closely monitored in order to protect children from exploitation."In Kuala Lumpur, 451 children throughout the country have been deinstitutionalised this year, says Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Karim... Rohani said that-- there were 1,200 children who were still staying in 11 children’s homes which come under the ministry, along with another 11,000 children in over 200 homes run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs)."In developing nations, many organizations have institutionalised children with the idea that they were doing what is best for them. Unfortunately, we have learned that many of these organizations are unregistered and some operate with profit as their main goal. Although this can not be assumed about all residential care institutions, it is certainly a growing trend that must be addressed.Switching to the family-based care model and re-integrating children back into their communities is important for their long-term health. It is generally acknowledged that growing up in an institution does not provide individuals with the same opportunities to grow healthy relationships with their peers and other community members.

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Date: November 21, 2017

Source: FMT News