Free To Shine Staff Members Graduate!

Please join us in congratulating four of our staff members who graduated this past weekend!Sreymom, our Program Officer, has completed her MBA in Entrepreneurship Management. Sreymom says that “education is a key factor in a country’s development, so every child must be provided the chance to go to school, especially girls” because educated girls will grow up to be women who can make decisions about their lives, make their own money, and transfer knowledge to the next generation.

Phanna, an Education Officer, graduated with a Bachelors degree in Law and Social Science. Phanna has had such happy memories during his time at university and he hopes for a future in Cambodia where all girls and people have access to the opportunities that come from education.

Another one of our Education Officers, Sophatt, completed her Bachelors degree in Education. Sophatt says, “I want to share my knowledge and experience so they know that they can get a high education and a good job in their future. I also want them to be able to protect themselves from people who might do bad things to them.”

Kimsea, one of our Education Officers, received his degree in Agriculture. Kimsea has overcome many obstacles to ensure his own education and that of his siblings. He is a firm believer in the life-changing power of education and he uses his own story to connect with and inspire the girls on the Free To Shine program.We are so proud of our staff’s work ethic and commitment to furthering their education. The wide range of skills and knowledge they’ve acquired will make them an even stronger team, more equipped to support families and inspire young girls to stay in school and work towards achieving their goals.Congratulations Sreymom, Phanna, Sophatt and Kimsea!