Child Protection Training & New Partnership!

Free To Shine is excited to announce our most recent partnership with Child Safe Alliance. Child Safe Alliance is a networking partnership that focuses on child protection throughout the world.

Source: thinkchildsafe.orgLast month, we hosted Child Safe Alliance in our office in Siem Reap where Seny Sen, a child protection officer with nearly 20 years of experience facilitated the training on protection policies, case studies and plenty of time for discussion. This was an incredible opportunity and resource for our team to ask specific questions regarding case studies and connect with a very successful Khmer professional in their area of expertise.The training was a full day and covered many aspects of child protection. The topics covered included (but not limited to):

  • What is child protection? What is a child protection policy?
  • Children's rights and human rights
  • Why do we need child protection policies in NGOs?
  • Best practices & code of conduct for Child Safe Alliance
  • Types of child abuse
  • How to detect and report sexual abuse
  • Best practices for alerting proper authorities
  • Components of Child Protection Policies
  • Q&A with facilitator

We are extremely excited about the partnership and look forward to sharing policies and helping others craft their own child protection policies. Our team is proud & excited to start contributing to Child Safe Alliance and their work.Reasons for joining:

  • Access to specific training;
  • Increased collaboration with other partners in your country;
  • Participation in ChildSafe awareness campaigns;
  • Activities promoted to donors;
  • Involvement in the implementation of common projects.

More about Child Safe Alliance:

Child Safe Alliance is a network that aims to:

The main pillars of Child Alliance are: