Article: “Child crimes up in August”

The Child Protection Unit (CPU) is a team of trained law enforcement and aftercare specialists working to protect children in Cambodia from abuse and to secure justice for survivors and their families. Free To Shine has partnered with the CPU and referred several cases of severe physical and sexual abuse to them in the past. Last month, the CPU handled 29 cases of serious crimes committed against children, including cases of rape and homicide. According to this article from The Phnom Penh Post, there was an apparent surge in crimes against children in August, when compared to previous months.

Free To Shine holds community training sessions focused on preventing and responding to child abuse, during which we teach girls and their communities how to recognise potentially unsafe situations, and how to respond in the event that a child is harmed or exploited.For $70, you can fund a community training session and help prevent child abuse in rural communities in Cambodia.