Article: “Trafficking in Persons and Forced Labor: Southeast Asian Scenario”

July 30th is designated as “World Day against Trafficking in Persons (TIP),” a day dedicated to raising awareness of TIP around the world. This article analyzes the state of TIP in the Southeast Asian region, highlighting an increase in labour trafficking and exploitation, especially in the fishing, seafood and palm oil industries. The article calls for more focus on root causes of migratory patterns, or push/pull factors within destination and source countries. It also urges international organisations to use their resources to provide education and support throughout the region.It has been well established that a person’s socio-economic situation is a determining factor in their vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking. Here at Free To Shine, we aim to prevent human trafficking by minimizing the “push” factors in Cambodia, a major “source country” within the region. We focus on reducing girls’ vulnerability by empowering them and ensuring their basic needs are met, including their right to an education. We also educate their families and communities in order to raise awareness about human rights and promote safe, formal migration.